Oops I did it again !

Amazing experience on White Tantra day in London. I was not sure to join at first as just attended one in Kundalini Yoga Festival Asia last October.  But I’m glad that I made right decision.  To met friend who make an effort travel from France, Simranpal and she arrived on time, also Fiona who thought she’d be late due to train delay but me.  My journey it took longer than expect for 2 1/2 hours, it has been said nothing we can do with weather and I have to add the train line into this topic.  My friend let me know the night before that this train line would have problem but they will take us to our destination and let us know the solution while we travel.   It’s true the driver annouced and let you know that train will be terminated at Luton Parkway station and apart from that we tend to follow through what it take, such a great journey similar to our life!  I’ve been yogini adventure for a certain year, no panic we will in there. 

I was happy this longer trip make me met new 2 lively friends, Calorine and Libby obviously they had white outfit and carry blanket so we head to same destination, I’m not on my own.

The ‘RENEW TO BE NEW’  course for a day in white tantric, this is second experiences of similar course and it surprised me how it changed you inside out overall , physically, emotionally and spirituality.   No words can explain in every angle of experiences, thanks for all organisation who make these events around the world.  I’ll do my path keep up and see you all next year.

It was a great long day, I’m glad that I did it again.  (♥∀♥)  Love to all .. (♥∀♥)

“life’s not about destination but the journey”